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List of Mispronounced Foreign Words in English

Countless foreign words have been in use in English for a long time. The words mostly from French, Latin, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese and German are used by the English speakers the world over along with speakers of English as a second language.

However, very often the words are used in formal or academic settings; in law, politics, psychology, philosophy and so. Because of their foreign origin, many of the words are missed pronounced by speakers, thanks to their appearance in English letters.

Speakers at the seminar miss-pronounces, teachers in the classroom miss-pronounce, politicians at the stage miss-pronounce them, thanks to lack of awareness about their pronunciation and unintentional stance to look-up dictionaries.

With the intention to make myself known to the proper pronunciation of the foreign words being in English using some of the most trusted dictionaries in the world, such as Oxford Dictionary, Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Collins COBUILD Dictionary and Oxford’s Lexico, I have not only got to know their pronunciations but also recorded them so that learns like me, can get to know about them.

The rationale behind using various dictionaries is that not all words are in a single dictionary while different dictionaries convey varied pronunciations of the same word. I have tried to bring all the different pronunciations together and showed the obvious differences between British and American pronunciations, not the native ones. 

I have literally recorded the pronunciations and definitions of the two hundred plus words by the help of the mentioned dictionaries. Using phonemes or phonetic symbols for Receipt Pronunciation or RP (British) I was able to record British and American and varied pronunciations of the words which I transform them into videos for YouTube, as well.

For Bengali speakers, in order to make the pronunciation intelligible and comprehensible, I expressed each and every word in Bengali letters also. The following lost list will lead you through the foreign words being used in English. Along with expressions of the words in phonetic symbols, the language and dictionary sources are also provided. For an audio-visual pronunciation, you will have to click the YouTube link given as hyper-links.

Mispronounced words and foreign Words: Ad initio

foreign words pronunciation of ab initio
Foreign words: ad Initio pronunciation

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