INQUISITOR is a person who asks questions-questions for answers. Because of the many questions that remain unanswered an inquisitor with a high level of inquisitiveness is born. Therefore, Inquisitor is a person behind the banner who is constantly running after for plausible answers. 

I, being Inquisitor, inquisitiveness is my consistent friend. Philosophy, literature, research and language are the areas that I genuinely care about. Whatever I have learnt, I did it through reading. Watching some of the best creations of films many times teach me a great deal, as well. And there are many things that I love to go in-depth about, to the level of research, of course. 

Inquisitor was conceptualised as a medium of dissemination of my subjective perception regarding whatever books I read, whatever films I think worth pondering and whatever topic of research I think worth going in. Apart from that, I take it to give it try to opine on numerous social institutions and fallacies that have still been granted as prophetic revelations by people. 

Moreover, as a learner of English as a second language, I think I have got something that can be shared with interested ones, which I do through Inquisitor. I read, I think, I learn, and I write because it is a passion to let people know. 

How does Inquisitor know

Every information is given and opinion published is a representation of the passion of the owner of Inquisitor. The website is not responsible for absolute accuracy and completeness of any information on this site or any follow-up links of the site. The owner studies intensively and confirms the reliability of the sources so as to disseminate reliable and constructive information and well thought out opinion.

Therefore, any changes and errors that take place during or afterward of the formation cannot be owned up by the owner. The owner is not to be blamed for any psychological or physical losses, injuries or damages caused by the insemination of information by this site. Any ideological, political, philosophical alteration of any individual is simply one’s perspective and these terms and conditions of the owner of this site are subject to change at any time without any prior notice as per the writer’s will.